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Organic fertilizer (humic) "Kazuglegumus"

Fertilizer (10 l container)

Fertilizer (0.5 liter container)

Fertilizer (60 l container) and installation for its receipt

Product Feature

Elemental composition of fertilizer

Results of mass spectroscopic analysis of fertilizer

During field trials on open and closed ground, the following main advantages of humic fertilizer from coal were established

- Ecological safety of consumed agricultural products grown with humic fertilizers;

- Rapid digestibility of humic fertilizer by plants due to the fine particle size of the humus particles of the fertilizer;

- The use of fertilizer for wheat leads to an increase in gluten by 15-16%;

- Increasing the yield of various crops (by 30% or more) and accelerating the ripening of the crop for 8-12 days.

- Improvement of soil fertility (active development of all soil trace elements, intensive restoration and formation of humus in the soil, improvement of the soil structure, its water-air and thermal conditions);

- Increased stress tolerance of plants to diseases, adverse environmental conditions (drought, frost, excessive moisture, etc.), as well as from the use of chemicals;

- Binds agrochemical residues in the soil, products of technogenic pollution (heavy metals, pesticides, radionuclides and other toxicants) and prevents them from entering the soil from plants;

- and etc.

Technical and consumer characteristics of products

Physical and chemical properties of Kazuglegum humic fertilizer

Testing Protocol Kazumlegum humic fertilizer

Test results of fire safety of Kazuglegum humic fertilizer


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