Smokeless fuel production

The production of smokeless fuel from non-caking and low-caking coal for household consumers and non-domain processes is of great economic importance both from an economic point of view and from the point of view of rational use of natural resources and environmental safety.

Scope: briquettes are used as high-calorific and environmentally friendly fuel as a substitute for coal, firewood, peat briquette, etc. for:

- production needs

- metallurgical and chemical enterprises;

- household needs of the population;

- factory boilers and CHP.


The main advantages of coal briquettes in comparison with coal and other analogs of briquettes:

- higher heat value of combustion (more than 8000 kcal / kg), as a result of this - greater heat transfer;

- uniform shape of the pieces, which makes them comfortable to use,

- easy ignition (does not require a large consumption of kindling),

- good reactivity

- lack of soot during combustion,

- high efficiency of household inserts (over 80%):

- suitability for furnaces of any design

- longer burning time;

- lack of coal dust and fines;

- environmentally friendly fuel;

- lower ash content (relative to the feedstock - coal);

- lower cost due to lower consumption (in kg, tons);

- high mechanical strength (with mechanical loads of different types of more than 4 MPa);

- high moisture resistance;

- high thermal resistance.


Ecological safety of briquette production

• There are no emissions to air during operation. When starting a separate pyrolysis furnace, until the gas reaches the required condition, the gas is directed to the furnace of the gas boiler, where it is burned along with part of the combustible gas from other pyrolysis furnaces.

• Liquid waste - none.

• Solid pyrolysis waste - focal residues (ash, slag). Amount of waste - ash part of pyrolyzed fuel


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