Fulvic acid

Characteristics of fulvic acid

Fulvic acid (yellowish) is a non-toxic mineral chelating agent and water binder that maximizes leaf absorption and stimulates plant productivity. It has the ability to attract water molecules, helping the soil to remain wet and facilitating the movement of nutrients to the root of the plant. The small molecular size of fulvic acid allows it to penetrate into the vascular system of the plant. Fulvic acid easily binds or chelates minerals, such as iron, calcium, copper, zinc and magnesium. Further, moving through the roots, stem and leaves, these minerals are delivered to the plant's metabolism sites.

Fulvic acid is found in extracts from organic sources, such as compost, peat, lignite, coal, etc. It consists of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur and contains several active functional chemical groups, such as carboxylic acids (COOH ), hydroxyl (-OH), carbonyl (C = O), phenolic rings and quinone groups. They react with positively or negatively charged ions in solution.

The elemental characteristic of fulvic acid on an atomic basis (Table 1) shows that fulvic acid contains a large number of hydrogen atoms, carbon, oxygen and carboxylic acid groups. This means that fulvic acids are reactive with cations or, in other words, fulvic acid contain more functional groups of an acidic nature, especially COOH.

Fulvic acid structural formula

Elemental characteristic of fulvic acid

tabl 1

Physico-chemical and biological properties of fulvic acid:

- improves metabolic processes;

- accelerates the flow of nutrients;

- restores energy reserves in cells;

- has antioxidant properties;

- neutralizes heavy and toxic metals;

- promotes the elimination of toxins from a living organism;

- foliar injection of fulvic acid in a dosed amount helps to stimulate the growth of plants;

- increases the yield of crops when growing various plant crops;

- boosts immunity in plants, resistance to diseases, stress;


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